Gyuto 240mm MagnaCut "S" Grind Nepalese Alder & Brass


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Crafted from MagnaCut steel, a relatively new steel specifically formulated for knife makers by metallurgist and author Larrin Thomas (Knife Steel Nerds). MagnaCut is a stainless steel with very high hardness potential(65HRC), but more importantly high toughness.

Jesse Thompson of Nordquist Design was able to secure some MagnaCut for a limited release batch of knives. He made 10 knives from the steel; each custom made for the individual customer. We secured this piece from Jesse, it’s No. 10.

The knife is unique, not only because of the steel that it is made from, but because of the geometry, profile, and aesthetics. The knife features an incredibly aggressive distal taper from 4mm down to almost 0.5mm towards the tip. This tapered spine is combined with a very fine “S” grind and tall blade height, which results in a super thin blade behind the razor-sharp cutting edge that takes full advantage of the hardness and toughness of the MagnaCut steel. This is peak performance when it comes to food release and the blade just glides through produce incredibly well.

A bespoke western style grip with textured brass inlay completes the knife. Made from a stunning piece of stabilised Nepalese Alder the handle has a unique shape that is both satisfying in the hand and beautiful to look at.

Jesse is one of a handful of young knife makers who have begun to break with tradition, creating new designs that push proven knife geometries to the limits. This limited edition MagnaCut blade is certainly a high performance, “cutting edge” design, which challenges the norms of knife making in a very positive way.