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DiKristo Knives

As with many blade smiths, Stelios Drakopoulos aka DiKristo Knives was always passionate about food and cooking. He had a successful career in marketing, but did not feel fulfilled. Cooking in his spare time he was always excited by kitchen knives, their form, their un-deniable place at the top of the kitchen tool hierarchy.

It’s started on a whim, a single knife was made and that was it, Stelios was hooked. Having found his passion for crafting blades Stelios begun to develop into the artist he is today. For Stelios it has become an obsession. The knife's performance always comes first, but the style, the art is always on his mind.

Experimenting with different steels, grinds, and profiles, no one kitchen knife made at DiKristo knives is the same. Each blade is a unique piece of functional art. We are very proud to introduce Stelios as the newest member of the Modern Cooking family and excited see more of his work.