Anryu Hamono

With a family history in blacksmithing that spans four generations master Katsushiga Anryu has iron in his blood. The Anryu Hamono was established in 1873 by Hansaburo Anryu, Katsushiga's great grandfather. After graduating from high school in 1959 Katsushige-san joined the family business. Under the guidance of his father Katsutoshi Anryu, he mastered traditional knife forging and became a certified traditional knife artisan.

With over 50 years experienced Katsushige-san is highly respected for his works and his integrity, which has led to the honour of being elected chairman of the Takefu Knife Village Co-op, an association of Echizen's best knife makers, which include renowned blacksmiths like Yu Kurosaki, Saji Takeshi and Yoshimi Kato.

In 2015, Katsushiga was recognized for his skill and awarded the medal of honourable work of traditional crafts. Today Katsushige-san works with 5th generation Takumi Ikeda, his nephew. Knives forged by Katsushige Anryu are some highest quality knives available.