DiKristo Knives Pro Series Chefs Knife 230mm

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The DiKristo Pro series is a range of knives designed for the professional. Performance is everything here and before the first cut you can see that.

The blades geometry is incredible!

At the spine the blade measures a confident 2.5mm at the heel and tapers down to a needle point half a millimetre at the tip, but it’s below the spine were things get very interesting. The bevels taper dramatically and very quickly becomes laser, laser, laser. We measured an incredibly thin 1.1mm thickness, 2cm from the edge (heel end of the blade).

Honestly, we have not seen a blade so thin behind the edge.

So, geometry is amazing, but what about the profile? Well, it’s a more in the direction of a classic German chef knife. Slightly more aggressive curves than a French chef’s knife, but with a decent flat section. This all ends in that very decent needle like tip. Overall a very versatile profile.

The feature very clean lines and subtle, yet elegant satin finish, but this is paired with a very beautiful custom handle. Shaped in a beautiful piece of stabilised maple with a carbon fibre spacer and fastened with DiKristo’s personal brass pins.

The handle is comfortable in the hand, but it’s designed to get out of the way as the knife was balanced for a perfect pinch grip, as is the preference of most professional chefs.

Overall, we think this is a great option for any pro chef or home cook and offers premium features often found on knives 2-3 times the price. Great performance, amazing style and value!

Blade Type:
Chefs Knife
Blade Finish:
Core Steel:
Spine Heel:
Spine Mid:
Spine Tip:
Blade Height:
Handle Type:
Custom Western
Handle Material:
Stabilized Maple & Carbon Fiber