DiKristo Knives "Eucleia" Sujihiki 220mm AEB-L laser

DiKristo Knives
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Stelios Drakopoulos of DiKristo Knives names his custom creations after the Greek gods. This beautiful piece is named for Eucleia the goddess of good repute and glory. It is certainly glorious! 

Stabilised maple burl, shaped in a bespoke faceted octagon with brass and red G10 spacers ends in a stunning onyx truestone before extending into what can only be described as a masterpiece in razor, laser geometry.

Yes, fingers were cut during the writing of this text. The 65 HRC blade is extraordinarily sharp. Be careful!   

Back to the geometry, the spine tapers from 2.5mm down to 0.7mm before hitting the 0.25mm needle like tip. Stelios has an extreme focus on geometry and performance. There is no way a blacksmith could achieve this level of laser performance on a beautiful San Mai. This is only possible on mono steel blades. Stelios will tell you, “Anything is possible, but performance usually requires sacrifice”. 

Did we mention the leather wrap? It’s a beautiful presentation that makes you feel special every time you open it. Soft double stitched leather with a custom pocket. The wrap will age beautifully and soften over time.

We think Stelios has managed to achieve an extremely high-performance blade that is also very beautiful. A true heirloom piece from a dedicated bladesmith and artist.


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Bespoke Octagonal
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Stabilized Maple Burl, Red G10, Brass and Onyx Truestone