Modern Cooking is Social

At Modern Cooking, we believe that cooking and eating food brings people together and helps us to be more social. Founded in 2014, our goal is to create an online resource that will make it easier for everyone to cook smarter, better and more efficiently. We have a kitchenware shop, a cooking school and an encyclopedia of ingredients and we are working on much more.

Our cooking school is designed to provide inspiration and resources to help you cook smarter, develop new skills and understand new techniques that will making cooking more enjoyable and relaxing. Our kitchenware shop will provide you with access to tools and ingredients that we think will make cooking easier and more interesting.

The Modern Cooking team is based in Europe and the UK and is made up of a group of professional chefs, photographers, writers, data scientists and engineers. We are diverse in skill, but we all have one thing in common we love cooking, food and eating together. Join us for your next meal and let’s cook together.

Modern Cooking is Responsible

Life is not just about people. It is about living in harmony with nature. We believe that to do this we must live according to natures cycles (seasonal eating). To simply consider our short time on the earth is not enough; we must consider the health and prosperity of the environment that will be home to future generations.

We don’t have all the answers and we are not perfect, but we aim to continue to grow our understanding of how to interact with nature and how to live truly sustainable lifestyles. This idea is a guiding principal throughout our platform and its influence can be seen in our Seasonal Ingredients Database and other elements of the Cooking School and even throughout our product range.

Our Valuable Team Members

Peter Buckwalter
Peter BuckwalterProduct Manager and Founder
Peter began his working career as a chef, working in some of the worlds best restaurants in Sydney, Australia. Aside from cooking Peter also holds an MBA with a specialisation in Entreprepreneurship and is skilled in web design and development. Peter Loves to cook and being Australian is passionate about his BBQ.
Ulrike Hellmig
Ulrike HellmigBusiness Intelligence and Data Science
Ulrike loves food and understanding what makes us all tick, but most of all she just loves to be with friends and family and to enjoy food. Ulrike helps us to understand what our member like so that we can provide better classes in our school and more exciting products in our shop.
Ben Attwater
Ben AttwaterFood Technician
Ben has been working as a chef 15+ years and as restaurant consultent for 5. He has held the Australian equivelent of a michelin Star (A chefs Hat).
Bogdan Vulcan
Bogdan VulcanSoftware Developer
Bogdan is essentially a software developer, but he is so much more. Bogdan helps to bring the team together and is insightful in many ways outside his field. He provides Modern Cooking with technical expertise in terms of our product development and road map.