Masamoto Sohonten

A legendary blade from one of Japans best.

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A selection of unique, hand forged knives crafted by artisan blacksmiths.

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Finally! We have been notified that our super popular Japanese Konro are shipping from Japan. We have a limited supply available for pre order so get them while you can.

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Kurosaki Knives

Hand crafted in Japan

Really! No introductions necessary for this Echizen master. A long-time supporter of Modern Cooking, we have been working with Yu Kurosaki Knives for close to 10 years.

The youngest blacksmith to ever attain the title of Master, Yu Kurosaki is considered a Rockstar in the Japanese knife making industry. His premium level of fit and finish and undeniably cool style have shone a light on the blacksmiths of Echizen, Japan. To own a Kurosaki knife is to own a piece of Japanese knife making history.

The highly sort after kitchen knives forged by Japanese blacksmith Yu Kurosaki come in several different tsuchimi hammered patterns, including Shizuku, Senko, Fujin, Raijin and Juhyo. Each hammered finish has been inspired by the Japanese gods and nature. The Tsuchimi hammered patterns are both beautiful and functional as they reduce the likelihood that food will stick to the face of the blade as you work with the knives.

Kurosaki Knives

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Oliver Märtens

Hand crafted in Germany

Having worked as a machinist in the steel industry for many years and with a keen eye for detail and design Oliver Märtens of oel handmade knives began forging in 2015. His knives feature clean lines, premium materials, and a focus on performance.

Each knife forged by Oliver features his trademark design, but special care is taken with regard to handle material, steel forging, shaping and heat treatment.

The result is a beautifully sharp knife with amazing cutting performance and a clean, harmonious design that will look superb in any kitchen.

Oliver Märtens

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